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Title: bounty on my heart
Fandom: Power Rangers RPM
Pairings: Dillon/K, Scott/Flynn, Gem/Gemma, Ziggy/Tenaya, mentions of past Venjix/K, and onesided Dillon/Summer and Venjix/Tenaya
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance/Friendship
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not even close to being mine. The textures in this wonderful art is credited to spiritcoda
Warnings: Language, violence, incest, slash, drinking, smoking, guns, government hating, mentions of attempted rape, bits of sexi tiems
Summary: They're bounty hunters, not heroes. They're not out to save what's left of the world, they're just trying to survive in it. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.
Author's Notes: I've been working on this thing for over half a year, I am so tired of looking at it, you don't even KNOW. I'm just beyond glad to be done with it, like...seriously, you have no clue. But huzzah, I finished it! This is my longest fic since like, NaNo '08, holy crapcakes. I have thank yous to give!

Firstly, to one of my lovely besties, [ profile] bruised_candy for the EPIC freakin' art, like, seriously look at it, it's stunning, no? Secondly, I'd like to thank my betas, [personal profile] starandrea  (who actually didn't get a chance to beta, but is awesome for wanting to beta in the first place, ily!), [personal profile] dragovianknight , and my back-up beta for the fic [ profile] the_beccaroo, who has also been something of a cheerleader, and idea giver, I love both of you, yay! Also, thanks given to [ profile] dr_tiffy for also helping me and just being awesome, ♥!

I wasn't able to fit all of my ideas into here, but trust me, I am nowhere close to being done with this 'verse! I hope all of you enjoy this epic tale of epicness, and I don't blame you at ALL if you're just here to stare at the pretty art, hee!

Dillon was losing his mind... )


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